5 Easy Valentine’s Day Art Projects Your Students Will Love

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. For many classrooms, that means a party where too much sugar is digested, and little paper cards get traded in abundance.

Some brave educators also like to try to make crafts during the course of the day, and those items may even be turned into gifts for parents.

While some V-Day projects may seem a little taxing to take on, there are plenty among the world of the internet that are easy enough to put together in the span of one February 14th work day. Here’s just a few that scrape the surface to get your brain started.

Heart Man!


Got any red solo cups laying around from a recent picnic or party? Make sure you save them. They will serve as the torso for the newest and most limber of superheroes, Heart Man! Well okay, he’s not a real big fighter of crime, but he definitely has the power to melt hearts! Too cheesy? In any case, Heart Man is a fun craft that students will love to make, and teachers can even have them draw on eyes if the googly ones are in short supply.

Bookmark with Heart


For the parents who love to read, look no further; your kid’s teacher has got you covered. The bookworm bookmark is an adorable little page keeper that will easily find it’s way into a novel at some point. It may wear down over time, but there’s no doubt that this craft will be treasured for many years in the hearts of parents.

Put a Finger on It


This may be a project that carries over several days, or one you can set up at home and you just have the students do the final touches on. It’s really up to you. In any case, the fingerprint heart is a lovely keepsake for your child to bring home, and would look wonderful hanging in a window, or on the wall. It may even be something that has a cameo at Christmas! The possibilities are endless!

Rose to the Occasion


If you are a severe celery snacker, then this idea for Valentine’s Day art will be right up your alley! Chopped near the bottom, celery stalks serve as perfect stamps for a rose. Students can use the stamp to add some artistic touches to a card, or drawing, or any sort of paper project that may be sent home to mom and dad. It may be a little messy, but hey, nobody said teaching was easy!

Tell ‘em About the Twinkie


What a sweet idea! While the glitter used in this project may be intimidating (it gets everywhere, let’s be real), the twinkie bee is a really creative way to find the best way to someone’s heart-through it’s stomach! It’s also easy to make, which is more than anyone can ask for. In addition, there’s no harm in getting enough twinkies to keep for yourself as a late Friday night snack. No judging here, promise. You’ve earned it!

Good luck crafting and have a Happy Valentines Day!

Have any good Valentine’s Day Art Project ideas? Let us know in the comments!

Logan J. Fowler is a special education teacher in Princeton, and is also a contributing writer for ThePopBreak.com, and Binge Media.

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