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NJEA president on Texas school shooting: Time to vote out officials who won’t pass gun laws | Opinion

Universal background checks, limits on high-capacity magazines and assault weapons — these are simple things that Congress can support now. [Read more]

Stay away from senator’s N.J. “Don’t Say ‘Gay’ " bill | Editorial

State Sen. Edward Durr's proposal is more than divisive, it's calculated to appeal to bigots. [Read more]

Abuse of disabled people in N.J. group homes persists as accountability lags, watchdog says

"I cannot tell you how prevalent it is or why it occurs, but families share their horrifying pictures and stories with us on a regular basis," Ombudsman report says [Read more]

Princeton U. president calls on N.J. to help students derailed by COVID finish their degrees

"We need to add back the chairs missing from graduation ceremonies around the country," Princeton's president said at the school's commencement. [Read more]

Murphy, Biden officials stress many workers can already cancel student loan debt

Gov. Phil Murphy hosted a roundtable Monday with about a program to help public service workers get student loan debt forgiven. [Read more]

Fauci tells Princeton grads COVID ‘left an indelible mark,’ warns against ‘normalization of untruths’

Anthony Fauci argued the pandemic “has shone a spotlight on one of the greatest failings in our society: the lack of health equity” in the U.S. [Read more]

Princeton U. fires top professor for allegedly misleading school about relationship with student

Classics professor Joshua Katz alleges he was really fired over free speech, not his consensual relationship with an undergraduate. [Read more]

N.J. triplets prepare for future apart after graduating from same college together

The Ruvo triplets graduate from college together, ready to embark on separate career paths. [Read more]

Teen charged with making bomb threat to Bayonne High School

Amato said an investigation determined that the 15-year-old had no intention to carry out the threat. [Read more]

President Biden must keep his promise on student loan forgiveness | Opinion

Too many New Jerseyans are hamstrung by student debt. [Read more]

Grads, don’t let impostor syndrome sabotage you | A 2022 commencement essay

Whatever table you get to sit at in your professional capacity, own it! Your age, gender, ethnicity or who you choose to love should not be a qualifying or disqualifying… [Read more]

Graduates, you must see the wisdom of compromise | A 2022 commencement essay

We are the world made small. We must attempt to reconcile our competing interests or be consumed by them. [Read more]

This is the only question graduates need to answer | A 2022 commencement essay

For other generations, saving democracy meant going to war, or protesting to make social change. For you, it means ending the “isms” that burden our society. [Read more]

Pigs and calves deserve freedom from crate confinement | Opinion

A Kean University student urges New Jersey citizens to support a bill that would ban veal and gestation crates. [Read more]

Report touts financial bonus of electric school buses while they’re parked

Three environmental groups say school districts can defray costs by selling electricity back to the power grid. [Read more]

N.J. schools are struggling to fill vacancies for math, science and tech teachers. Here’s why.

While a shortage of teachers is hitting schools in New Jersey and across the nation, teachers in STEM fields (science, technology, engineering and math) are some of the hardest new… [Read more]

You have traveled a road that is not available to everyone | A 2022 commencement essay

I am reminded of Malala Yousafzai and the Little Rock Nine. The bravery of these young people are the shoulders on which we stand. [Read more]

Police search on Rutgers U. campus ends without arrest, officials say

Authorities searched for a possibly armed suspect at the university's Livingston Campus in Piscataway. [Read more]

New Jersey needs more people like Wilhelmina Holder | Opinion

Wilhelmina was an African American woman and a freedom fighter who was not afraid to speak truth to power. [Read more]

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