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NJCU passes $148.1 million budget while searching for how to fill $12.7 million operating deficit

Despite the unanimous passage, the budget is still essentially a work in progress. [Read more]

Gov. Jim Florio was our advocate. We’re so fortunate to have had him fight for us. | Opinion

His impact as a member of Congress still positively impacts New Jersey today. [Read more]

N.J. teacher suspended for lessons on Hitler, swastikas sues school district

Woodcliff Lake School District social studies teacher Robert Welsh was suspended with pay after parents complained about the lessons. [Read more]

My mom gave me the key to escape the cycle of poverty - entrepreneurship | Opinion

I learned that entrepreneurship is the key to escaping the cycle of poverty that traps so many minority women. [Read more]

N.J. teen, 15, wants you to dress sustainably. That means goodbye ‘fast fashion.’

The Plainsboro teen launched a website and has changed her own shopping habits to serve as an example. [Read more]

Rutgers University lifts mask requirement in classes, libraries, indoor events

The state university will still require students and employees to be vaccinated and boosted against the coronavirus. [Read more]

N.J. tuition aid is going up. Here’s how much college students can get this year.

New Jersey is boosting the awards for students who get Tuition Aid Grants, known as TAG, and other financial aid programs. [Read more]

When it comes to lessons about sex, let parents choose what’s best for their children | Opinion

This group supports a bill that would give parents who believe lessons about sex are harming their child a voucher worth 75% of their child's public school education [Read more]

The silent majority has it right on sex ed | Editorial

Can we calm down and have a rational discussion about this? [Read more]

In-school potty training is flush with opportunities to prevent the next public health crisis | Opinion

We can make this happen by expanding the nurse's office into children's wellness centers. [Read more]

N.J. district eliminates Columbus Day as a school holiday over objections of Italian American groups

Students will continue to have lessons in class on “Italian-American contributions” to the country, school officials said. [Read more]

Gov. Murphy calls for revisions to bill on teacher testing in N.J.

Future teaching candidates will no longer be required to pass a controversial exam to teach in the state, under modifications to a bill Gov. Phil Murphy requested Thursday. [Read more]

Need money for college? Here are ways the state can help.

The head of the state’s Higher Education Student Assistance Authority outlined ways to get ahead, with the help of state grants, scholarships, or loans. [Read more]

What’s wrong with Jersey City’s public schools and how to fix it | Opinion

"We had poor leadership when the state took over and for the next 33 years to this day we continue to have people who are long on titles but short… [Read more]

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