About Us

The team of writers, editors, designers and photographers at the Teachers’ Lounge is made up of some of the most dedicated and talented teachers in the field, working alongside a staff that cares deeply about the well-being of educators. Our mission is to support you, the teacher, by bringing you resources, advice and entertainment that will enrich your life and career. We are in conversation every day with classroom teachers to learn from you and to bring your voices, your stories, and your perspectives to a digital community of your fellow educators.

We scour the internet, go out to meet teachers and get on the phone to bring you all the resources that we can discover: events, conferences, PDs, teacher deals and discounts, grants, field trip reviews, and stories from the front lines of education. We are continually inspired by the passion and idealism that we encounter, and we are alternatively sobered by the mounting number of obstacles placed in your way. We hope that at the Teachers’ Lounge you will find a little R&R, a little commiseration with colleagues, and a lot of what you need to get the job done and keep your passion alive.

The sponsor that makes all of our work possible is, of all things, an auto insurance company! Plymouth Rock Assurance has been supporting teachers for many years, both as the provider of specially priced insurance products exclusively for educators, and as a company that gives back to the educational community year in and year out. We are grateful for their support and vision in making our efforts possible, and we hope that you will get to know them the next time that you are looking for car and home insurance.

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