5 Spooky, Fun and Easy Halloween Crafts

Hard to believe, but it’s October and  Halloween is right around the corner. October 31st is normally a day reserved for parties, parades, and of course, candy. Teachers may worry about the student sugar rush coming their way, but listed below are some really creepy and creative Halloween crafts to help provide a balance to the spookiest of days.

Gotta Hand it To You

One of the most popular Halloween regulars, skeletons, gets highlighted in the simple, yet fun craft. Young artists will be delighted to manipulate the “bones” and paint for this activity to make a horrifying skeleton hand. Here’s a teacher tip, though: make sure you tell the students that the q-tips are only used for art, not for cleaning out ears. It may sound funny in context, but honestly it is a warning you may want to issue before things get a little too crazy.

On A Roll

I want my mummy! Transitioning from one bathroom item to another, these mummy rolls are both adorable and inexpensive to put together, and your students will have a fantastic time figuring out the googly eye placement to make it all the more wacky. If saving up those toilet paper rolls becomes a bit too taxing, just ask parents of your students to make sure they send one in on the day that you plan to make those mummies. Just have some extra on hand in case anyone forgets to bring theirs in.

Spiders, man!

This Halloween treat turned spooky spider is a fantastic way to “dress up” your standard ol’ lollipop! Pipe cleaners are easy to locate at any craft store, and the googly eyes add a fun touch to the proceedings! If you’re really feeling ambitious, you can have your students make several to give out to fellow trick-or-treaters and/or other students on October 31st. These can also serve as fantastic decorations to hang from the ceiling, providing a creepy atmosphere for the kids to see every day!

Pop Art

While less spooky and more silly, the scarecrow popsicle craft is definitely simple, and can serve as a wonderful decoration in the student’s home or in the classroom! Face designs will definitely be a thing to observe here, as the various learners may add some colorful touches to their craft!! If you want to go beyond the craft listed, students can also make a paper body to add to the head, or you can attach the craft to a paper bag for a quick puppet.

Plated Pumpkin

What better way for people to greet trick-or-treaters than a colorful pumpkin door wreath? This plated piece of art is very easy to make, and more than that, it definitely screams Halloween! If you’re on a budget, try to look for paper plates and cupcake liners at the dollar store. The students can always paint the cupcake liners the appropriate color for additional art time!!

Hope you have a very happy and horrifying (in a good way) Halloween! Good luck with any crafting you decide to do!

-Written by Logan J. Fowler, special education teacher, Princeton, NJ.

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