6 Fun Halloween Door Decorations Your Class Will Adore

Halloween is coming up so fast it’s, um, scary. The weather is breaking and the cooler temperatures are making their way in. As kids scurry to find their long-sleeved shirts, skinny jeans, hair scrunchies, and insulated hydro flasks, it’s time for parades, parties, and, of course, candy!

With this great season come loads of extra activities teachers have to plan for: parades, parties, room decor. Knock one of those activities off the list and get your classroom party ready with these fun, cute, and not-too-scary Halloween door decorations.

Charlie Brown Door

Classroom door with Charlie Brown characters and pumpkins in a field at night with spooky shadow in moon

It’s the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown has been a favorite among kids and parents for nearly 60 years now. This door design is a bit more work than some of the others below, but if you have the time and patience to make it, it will be a huge hit.

Items needed:

  • Blue and green butcher paper
  • Pumpkins cut-out (orange, brown and green construction paper)
  • Characters
  • Stars (yellow construction paper)
  • White butcher paper (moon)
  • Black construction paper (shadow on the moon)

Jack-O-Lantern Door

Classrom door decorated as a jack-o-latern

The jack-o-lantern door is adorable and cute choice for any grade. Create a giant pumpkin using only a few very simple materials. This won’t take you tons of time but will be sure to frighten up your day!

Items needed:

  • Orange butcher paper (pumpkin)
  • Black butcher paper (eyes, nose, mouth)
  • Green butcher paper (leaves)
  • Brown construction or butcher paper (stem)
  • Green tissue paper twisted like a vine

Beware of Zombies Door

Classroom door decorated with caution tape, wooden planks nailed on the window, and beware zombies written in smeared red paint

Zombies are all the rage these days. Be on trend with this easy Halloween door decoration and, whatever you do, DO NOT let the zombies in!

Items needed:

  • Tan butcher paper
  • “Boards” painted brown using white butcher paper
  • Red paint (words)
  • Caution tape

Candy Corn Door

Classroom door decorated as candy-corn with a smiley face that looks suprised

If you are short on time but you want to get your kids smiling, this is the door for you. The candy corn door is ridiculously easy to put together and references a much beloved treat at this time of year. One of the greatest things about this door is that you can vary the expression on the candy corn face: happy, surprised, angry, or whatever emotion suits your mood.

Items needed:

  • Yellow, orange and white butcher paper
  • Black construction paper
  • Red construction paper

Frankenstein Door

Classroom door decorated as Frankenstein

Who knew Frankenstein could be so adorable?! This is another very easy door to create and will make your little monsters smile.

Items needed:

  • Green butcher paper
  • Black butcher paper (hair)
  • White construction paper (eyes, tooth)
  • Red construction paper (bow tie)
  • Black marker (features and details)

Spider Door

Classroom door decorated as a black spider

It’s big and ugly, and has 10 eyes. What is it? A giant spider! Get a huge reaction from your students with this larger than life spider door this Halloween. After you cut out the eyeballs it’s very easy to assemble.

Items needed:

  • Black butcher paper (body, legs)
  • White construction paper (eyes, teeth)
  • Red construction paper (tongue)


These 6 Halloween door decoration ideas are perfect for almost any grade. They deliver the magic of Halloween themes without getting too scary for some of the younger students. These ideas will make your kids smile and laugh – which is what it’s really all about, anyhow!

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