It doesn’t seem possible that the summer is drawing to a close! Soon, we will all be back to school and summer will seem a distant memory. But you and I both know that prepping for back to school can be a lot of fun, especially when it comes to letting your creative and crafty side come out to play.


So it’s time to start planning out your classroom back to school door decorations, and creating a classroom environment that is fun yet conducive to learning is what most teachers want. There are so many holidays throughout the year to really go crazy with making your door look inviting to your students. Back-to-school is no exception. These 6 adorable doors won’t require tons of time, but they are sure to put smiles on the faces of your new class.


“Pop In For a Visit” Door


Popcorn always means a fun time. This door is cute and unique and, thankfully, very easy to pull-off. Simply get a red and white polka dot paper backdrop, add on the paper popcorn containers, images of popcorn (from Amazon), and finish with the lettering and border. You could really use any border you like that matches for this. On this example they just used a ruler.


  • Red/white polka dot butcher paper
  • Popcorn containers
  • Fake popcorn
  • Yellow border
  • Lettering

Crayons Door


Nothing says back-to-school like a giant pack of crayons. Regardless of how you pronounce “crayons,” this door is really cute and super easy. Put your own kids to work this summer creating the crayon wreath. Using just colorful butcher paper and stock paper you can cut out the shapes to create this door. Place fishing line over the top of the door, secure it with tape and hang the wreath. The mini chalkboard is perfect to write a little message or your room number.



  • Yellow/green butcher paper
  • Crayon wreath
  • Letters
  • Colorful poster board
  • Mini chalkboard


“Look Who’s in Class” Door


This door is a real hoot. Who doesn’t love owls? With a simple, plain black backdrop and a yellow border, all you really need to add are the paper owls and the tree. You can purchase scrapbooking paper with fun designs on them at a craft store (see our deals and discounts page for where you can go to save money) and then cut out the owl shapes. You can print off the wording on white paper and then add green or any color background to make it pop.



  • Scrapbooking paper
  • Brown/black butcher paper
  • Yellow border
  • Lettering
  • Yellow construction paper


“Dropping Into a Great Year” Door


This is probably the door that requires the most work, but it also has the biggest “wow” factor. Crinkle up packaging paper and tissue paper to create the giant tree. Using just construction paper and a plain butcher paper backdrop you can easily add on the apples and basket. Hot glue will be your friend when creating the colorful leaves. Adding a more colorful backdrop will help to make this pop even more.



  • Packing paper
  • Tissue paper
  • Cut out apples
  • Brown construction paper
  • Lettering


Our Class is Uh-Mason Door


A mason jar vase door is a definite way to impress your class. The paper flowers are the hardest part, but they don’t take that long to make. Using a black and white polka dot backdrop, a fun colorful border, and a mason jar made out of blue poster board is all you really need to complete this look. A great tutorial for making the flowers can be found here:



  • Black/white polka dot butcher paper
  • Colorful border
  • Lettering
  • Tissue paper flowers
  • Blue poster board


Back for S’more Learning Door


This door screams autumn and back-to-school. Back for s’more learning is another easy door to create. Using a black background, simple fire and then stick shapes with marshmallows is all you need to pull off this look. If you are really in a festive mood, you could even make s’mores for the first day of school. The kids would love it but the added sugar could make for an extra interesting first day!




  • Black butcher paper
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Yellow/orange/red construction paper
  • Stick shapes with white marshmallows


Have fun creating your back-to-school door. Before you know it summer will be over, and your new class will be piling into the room for the first day of school. Start the year with a bang by creating a fun and inviting door to greet your students.


For more door decorating inspiration, check out our Thanksgiving door decorating ideas and our holiday and winter door decoration for inspiration. 

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