10 Teacher Memes for Surviving the Last Month of School

We are soooooo clooooose to the finish line. The end of school festivities will soon be under way, and if everything goes right you’ll be basking in your new collection of “World’s Greatest Teacher” mugs, Starbucks gift cards, and potted flowers. Hang in there…May is only 31 days; it can’t last forever. To help get you to the end, we at the Teachers’ Lounge have pulled together some of our favorite teacher memes about surviving the last month of the school year. Here’s to another school year (almost) in the record books! Enjoy!teachers during the last week of schoolAt this point, coffee is merely helping to mask the fact that you are so exhausted from the school year that you may feel a bit like a zombie. As the Walking Dead’s Negan said, “You can breathe. You can blink. You can cry…they’re all gonna be doing that.”When people make comments about teachers only working 10 months a year…and you say, “summer vacation is our reward for surviving May.”when you hear the bell ring on the last day of schoolYou never knew how fast you could clear out, until you heard the bell ring on the very last day of school.when you realize tomorrow is the last day of schoolIt’s like Christmas morning, but even better. Your students all bring you gifts, everyone is in a good mood, and there are no papers left to grade. Your weekends and weekdays will be yours again…it’s glorious!Educators can attest to this truth. Your “May face” may not be pretty, but you earned every dark circle, messy hair, and disheveled outfit. #TeachersInMayBeLikehow my students imagine me over summer break: expectation vs. reality

Shhhhh no one needs to know the truth. Let them think what they want…Meanwhile you’re on a well-earned, all-inclusive vacation in Mexico. there is no tired like teacher tiredAnd you thought you were exhausted at winter break…Ha! There is no one who is more tired than a teacher at the end of the school year.dear parents, tag you're it! Sincerely, TeachersOh yes, it’s time to pass the torch! Teachers have definitely had their fix of students acting out over the course of the school year … “TAG, YOU’RE IT!” said the teacher to the parents.me the day before summer break vs. last day of summer break

Aside from Benjamin Button, the only being capable of aging in reverse is a teacher on summer break.when everyone is celebrating the end of the school year but you have to teach summer schoolAnd finally, we can’t leave out those brave, brave teachers doing the summer school thing.

-Jenna Garvin

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