Budget cuts and difficult years ahead for school districts seem to be a trending headline across the New Jersey news. While this can be discouraging for teachers, we could (as we often with these sorts of things) take this as a challenge. While we cannot control state and administrative decisions, I have decided to do something. What I CAN do for my district, my classroom, and my students is go and find opportunities for funding that will not come out of taxpayers’ pockets and district accounts. There are many grant opportunities out there, and there is still time before school starts to go out and get some. Let’s not take this lying down teachers! **For some tips on crowdfunding for classrooms, check out THIS blog**

Here’s a sampling of some good ones that I’ve identified recently:



Need supplies to keep art in your lessons and activities? The P. Buckley Moss Foundation believes art can and should be used in all subjects, and is putting their money where their mouth is by giving up to $1,000 for art supplies to teachers with art infused plans. DEADLINE: September 30.



Fields trips are one of the first things to go in budget cuts. Target is helping to sustain field trips by offering up to $700 to get your students out of the classroom. Click the link to tell Target where you want to take your kids!  DEADLINE: October 1.



WOW! Up to $2,500 from The Captain Planet Foundation for high quality, problem-solving, STEM-based projects that promote environmental stewardship in k-12 classrooms! Get creative with this one: last year they funded a variety of projects from engineering design tasks, to student-created animal burrows!  DEADLINE: September 30.



This grant is not just for schools. The Pollination Project funds civic-minded people and ideas with $1,000 to support projects promoting individual empowerment and community improvement. Teachers see the hurting, lost, and needy in our schools. Maybe you can do a little more for them this year with some seed money. DEADLINE: Rolling.


Toshiba-ME! K-5    Toshiba-ME! 6-12

Toshiba is looking for teachers who want more STEM in their classrooms, offering funding to support problem-based learning that brings science, math, and engineering into the classroom (FYI- this grant is not for computers, laptops, or tablets).

DEADLINE: k-5 October 1 (up to $1000)      DEADLINE: 6-12 March 1 (up to $5000)



Our athletic teams and physical education opportunities should not be cut with the budget changes. The Thomas R. Brown Athletics Grant is offering 6-12 schools with endangered athletics programs $1000-$3000 that can be used for subsidizing sports programs, getting new equipment, or helping to cover competitions costs. DEADLINE: January 15.



$250 is up for grabs from The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronauts if you can come up with an awesome STEM-focused way to use it in your classroom! Think science, technology, engineering, math, and LEGOS. DEADLINE: May.



If you can get administrative permission to house a pet in your classroom, then Pets in The Classroom is ready to help! Just submit a 250 word proposal about how a pet will add to the learning environment in your classroom.  There are several grant options including funds for a pet OR a certificate for the tank and accompanying materials with a 50% off coupon for the actual animal. AND, you can apply for a $50 continuing grant each year to keep up with maintenance and other pet related items. Ready to pick out your class mascot? Deadline: June 1.



Walmart is putting some funding into strengthening their local communities and meeting the needs of their local neighborhoods.  Their Community Grant Program provides funds to local organizations that are helping with several issues, including education. Can you provide an after school enrichment, tutoring or vocational training to your needy students? Tell Walmart about it and you may qualify for $250-$5000 in support funds.  Deadline: December 3.



Jessica Cicalese-Kurtz, MA in k-12 Teaching and Technology, BA in k-8 Education, BS in Biology, Science and Engineering. Jessica is a middle school teacher at Toms River Schools, K-8 Science curriculum writer for Toms River Schools and Ocean County, an independent Science workshop creator and presenter, freelance writer.



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