Spring Door Decorating Ideas That Your Students Will Adore

Every season brings with it new door decorating ideas for teachers. Pinterest has countless different ideas to really spruce up your classroom, and make your students excited to walk into school. Get creative this spring and choose a door you’ve never tried before. We have searched the net to save you the time and hassle, and have compiled a list of some of the best spring door ideas. These eight decorating ideas are not overly complicated, and many can be done with the help of your students, or classroom parent (if you want any help at all.)

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Every Day is an Adventure Door

Truly, every day in the classroom is an adventure, and this door speaks to that reality! The idea likely came from the movie “Up” where the elderly protagonist decides to float his house away, rather than let the wrecking ball destroy it. It’s a simple idea that gives off a thought-out and imaginative look.

Inflate approximately 50 balloons (slightly), not too large, and glue to the blue paper. If you have artistic skills, draw a house floating away, or find one at a craft store that you could use, or trace. Paint on some white clouds, and then simply write on the words, or use poster letters or a printout.

Look Who’s Blooming Door

This door idea is particularly fun for elementary-aged students. They always love to see their pictures hanging on the walls (though the big kids seem to like that too!). The idea is a bright and sunny door, with really colorful flowers to showcase your little “flowers” in the class.

To begin, get pictures of each student to use for the flower center. Then cut out the pictures into a circle shape for the middle of the flower. Using yellow poster board or butcher paper, cut out the sun (orange and yellow paper for the sun, and black for his glasses), Green butcher paper will work for the grass, blue for the background, and white construction paper for the puffy clouds. Add on the wording to complete the look.

Swing into Spring Door

Nothing says spring like a tree swing, and flowers. The tree, which is the main part of the door, is really easy to make. The kids will imagine they are outside swinging and reading a good book when they see this door.

You will need blue and brown butcher paper, as well as colorful construction paper, and two long pieces of yarn. To make the tree, simply cut out the trunk and attach to the blue paper.

Then, taking brown butcher paper, crunch it up and make it look rough, like tree branches. Glue the roughed-up branches to the trunk and blue paper. Glue on the yarn for the swing rope, and then cut out the flowers, swing body, sun, and leaves.

Don’t forget to add the green grass before you attach the flowers.

“We Are Each Unique and Beautiful, But Together We Are A Masterpiece” Door

This door is really cool because it not only tells the tale of how unique each individual student is, but it allows you to showcase that with their handprints. Many handprints put together in this fashion create the look of a flower.

So pretty!

Begin with gathering handprints from your students. They can make them every color and can even write a little something on them. Maybe their strengths or what they like about themselves. Using black butcher paper, cover the door.

Add on the stem and leaves, and then begin creating the flower by placing hands in a circular pattern.

Finish off this unique door with the words, “We are each unique and beautiful, but together we are a masterpiece.”

Never Stop Growing Door

Simple, yet adorable door idea. The most complicated part is making the big puffy flowers. A great tutorial on flower making, can be found here. Sunshine, flowers, and a white picket fence are the main points of the door. It looks like a beautiful garden you are walking into. Very inviting, and fun…and most importantly, easy to make.

To begin you will need blue butcher paper to cover the top half, and green to cover the bottom half. Cut the yellow sun out of butcher paper and glue it on. Using green butcher paper, cut out the flower stems and leaves.

Next make the flowers.

You can use construction paper cut in small strips or follow the tissue paper tutorial linked above. Once the flowers are secured to the door, using white butcher paper cut out the fence and add some grass to the bottom to make it look real. Put a bird in the sky and add the wording to complete it.

“Welcome to the Nest” Door

Like a mama bird teaching her babies to fly, teachers give students the confidence to spread their wings and discover the world around them. The “welcome to the nest” door is a really cute illustration of just that!

The door is rather busy but it really isn’t that complicated to orchestrate.

To begin, make a bird for each student in your class using scrapbooking paper. Pick fun patterns and colors. Simply cut them out and add on the beak, wings and eyes. Next put blue butcher paper on the door. Over that, add on the brown butcher paper to create the tree trunk.

For the branches, twist and wrinkle up long pieces of butcher paper and shape into branches. Glue the branches onto the door, add on the birds, and then cut out the simple brown nest.

Last, add on the wording to finish off the look.

“Be the Reason Someone Smiles” Today Door

It’s a good message for all of us… be the reason someone smiles today. This door not only has a great message that the kids should see over, and over again, but it is extremely colorful and fun.

Who wouldn’t love seeing this door every day?

To create this look you will need black butcher paper to cover the door. Next, using brightly colored stock paper or computer paper, cut out the hearts. The same paper can be used to write “reason” and “smiles.” The words “be, the, someone, today” can be tricky.

If you want to do the cursive looking letters draw them out on the paper first before you cut. If that ends up being too tricky you could always print out large letters and then trace.

Dive into Reading Door

This door is positively creative! You could replace the word “reading” with any subject and change the book binding to reflect it. Unlike the other doors, this one requires a few props. You will need flippers, a mask, and a soda bottle painted grey.

To begin, add the blue butcher paper to the door. Crinkle up brown paper for the bottom (sea floor). Then add on the body of the scuba diver. Using black butcher paper cut out the body and attach it to the door. The face and hair can be made out of construction paper, as can the fish.

Use green cellophane twisted and crinkled for the seaweed. Paint on the bubbles and add on the wording. The trickiest part will be securing all of the props to the door.

Duct tape is probably the best option and easiest way of getting those heavy pieces to stay put!

-Jenna Garvin


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