Summer vacation is upon us! With that, we have compiled some of our favorite memes that perfectly describe how teachers feel about summer. Scroll, share, and enjoy!

The best reward of them all! Try to ignore any summer reading assignments that the overachievers send in early. Grade them in September.

Sleep in EVERY. DAY.

The first Monday of the summer is the sweetest.

When all of your non-teacher friends are jealous of your weekday shore pictures…

“Why can’t you come out for drinks with me at 10pm? It’s Tuesday? Definitely thought it was Saturday.”

Time flies when you’re having fun!

“Excuse me, waiter? What wine from your list pairs best with freedom?”

Oh, so NOW you decide to believe all those notes home.

Target, you do not have to cater to the parents of the overachievers. They’ll be the first ones buying those same supplies if you put them out in August.

Let those beach waves wash away the concerns of last year as you unwind and become fully human again.  HAPPY SUMMER!'

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