VOYA Unsung Heroes Grant

VOYA Financial has an Unsung Heroes grant in order to serve educators around the country with projects that they are trying to do for their students, but simply don’t have the funding for. This grant is given to educators looking to utilizing new teaching methods and techniques that improve learning.


Each year VOYA gives 100 finalists grants in the amount of $2,000 payable to the teacher and his/her school. One grant is awarded in each state so long as they receive a qualified applicant from each state. Of those 100 finalists, 3 are selected to receive an additional reward as follows: 1st place – $25,000, 2nd place – $10,000, and 3rd place – $5,000. This grant provides a great opportunity for schools and teachers to get the funding needed for special projects.


Please go to http://corporate.voya.com/corporate-responsibility/community-investment/childrens-education/voya-unsung-heroes to learn more and to apply. The application deadline is April 30th.

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