Top 7 Super Fun DIY Holiday Door Decorating Ideas

The holiday season can be both really fantastic and really stressful for teachers especially. Having an extended break for the holidays is wonderful, but dealing with the overly excited and hyper students, as well as class parties can be rather exhausting. Figuring out how to decorate your classroom may feel stressful and costly, but it doesn’t have to be.

Many schools have door decorating contests to encourage teachers to get creative and have fun making their rooms look festive. Whether this feels like a fun competition or slightly burdensome, the students seem to really enjoy the effort. Some teachers have a knack for creativity when it comes to creating brilliant DIY holiday décor. If coming up with the idea is something you struggle with, The NJ Teachers’ Lounge has compiled this list of 7 fun and creative holiday door decorations, with DIY instructions, so you can do them, too. May the best DIY’er win!

Door Snowman

This positively adorable snowman looks more complicated than he is. The snowman is made of foam cups that are hot glued together, creating a rounded, 3D effect. The directions for how to create the snowman body can be found here.  Students can help by cutting out snowflakes to add to the door for more character.

What you’ll need:

Foam Cups (Large, Medium and Small) – the amount depends on how large you want to make your snowman.

Black Felt– for the hat, eyes, and buttons. 

Orange Construction Paper – for the nose. 


Fake Snow – for the bottom of the door.

Snowflakes – any snowflakes you have or your students have made.

Fireplace Door 

Creating this look can be done by purchasing store bought items ahead of time, like the stockings, and wreath (Dollar Tree is great for this!), or by having your students help to make the items.

What you’ll need:

Poster Board – black, white, orange, yellow and red.

Stockings – you can get these from the Dollar Tree.

Wreath – either homemade or store bought.

Brick Paper – this can be purchased from many different stores, Walmart seems to be the easiest way to get this without ordering.

Wrapping Paper – for above the mantel.

Gingerbread House Door 

This is so fun, you may want to keep it up all year long. Creating a gingerbread door may include decorating more than just the door itself to really give it that gingerbread look.

What you’ll need:

Brown Butcher Paper – This is used for the door itself and the wall around it.

White Bulletin Board Borders – Use white bulletin board boards or homemade borders you cut out from white butcher paper.

Gingerbread Man – Homemade or store bought.

Candy – Homemade or store bought.

White Construction Paper – cut into light bulb shapes.

Colored Construction Paper – laminated and cut into gumdrop shapes.

Rudolph Door 

Who doesn’t love Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer? Ah yes, the reindeer who helped Santa’s sleigh on that foggy Christmas Eve is an absolute favorite for door decorations.

Creating this door is really simple. Lots of brown butcher paper, and some eyes, a big nose, and antlers and you are good to go.

What you’ll need:

Brown Butcher Paper – for his face as well as the antlers.

Red Tissue Paper – for his nose.

White, Black, and Brown Construction Paper – for the eyes, eyebrows and mouth. 

Red Tinsel Garland – for his nose.

Charlie Brown Door

You can’t have Christmas without watching (or showing your class) A Charlie Brown Christmas — it might actually even be a law. (We checked, it isn’t).

Given the popularity of Charlie Brown this time of year, this can be a really fun project, especially if you have good artists in your class. Students can help by drawing and creating the characters, as well as the tree and string lights.

What you’ll need:

Red, Blue and White Butcher Paper – for the people, house, and sky. 

Colored Construction Paper – for the lights. 

White Glitter – for the snow.

Garland – to string on the house. 

Elf on a Shelf Door 

There is no moving this Elf on a Shelf, but he is so cute and creative, your kids will love him!

What you’ll need:

Green, Red, Beige, White, and Brown Butcher Paper

One Wrapped Box in Brown Butcher Paper – for the shelf.

Pink and Black Construction Paper – for the eyes and blush. 

Christmas Tree Door

This is so festive and fun. The kids may even think they can open the gifts under the tree.

What you’ll need:

Green Construction Paper – and lots of it!

Brown Construction Paper – for the tree trunk.

Wrapping Paper – for the gifts. 

Bows – for the gifts. 

Black Butcher Paper – for the background. 

Stickers / Cutouts – for the decorations. 

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Have any great Holiday Door Decorating Ideas? Let us know in the comments!


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