Hands-on Summer Science Seminars Teachers Should Apply to Now

Real World Science:              Real World Science Summer Teacher Seminar 2019         July 14-20, 2019

It might be cold outside now, but have you started to consider how you are going to spend the sunny days of your summer break? If you are a middle school science teacher, you could be checking out an all-expense paid STEM seminar in New Orleans! This is an amazing opportunity for 28 lucky teachers that comes fully funded thanks to a grant from the Northrop Grumman Foundation that covers room, board, a travel stipend and all seminar materials! It’s called Real World Science and it meets in New Orleans National World War II Museum from July 14-20. Get ready to experience STEM in a whole new way with actual examples from WWII that helped win the war and led to innovations, inventions, and new careers in the STEM world!  Applications are due by March 15, 2019and require 2 letters of recommendation, so get started right away! New Orleans is waiting! Check out the link above for more information. Good luck!

 Teaching Scholar Program:  Teaching Scholar Program: Biodiversity Field Methods     June 24-28, 2019

Professional development does not have to be boring or a waste of your time. If you teach middle school science, come join the fun at the New Jersey School of Conservation campus in Stokes State Forest, Sussex County, New Jersey.  Meals, onsite lodging, and all educational materials are funded by National Geographic and Montclair State University. As a participant, you will work with researchers and naturalists to complete a “Bioblitz”, identifying organisms and learning the roles that these organisms play in our local ecosystems, and the conservation concerns for NJ biodiversity. You will become familiar with the iNaturalist app to identify and explore organisms, and then collaboratively create a field guide. You will be given an opportunity to bring Bioblitz back to your own school surroundings with resources developed and shared by National Geographic. And the most exciting part of this:  an opportunity to get started on your way toward a NatGeo Educator Certification, using the Bioblitz materials for your  Phase 2 Capstone Projects. You will be awarded with 45 professional development hours and 1-3 graduate credits from Montclair State University (fee applies). Applications are due by April 1and scholarship winners will be contacted by April 15, 2019. Get started on this one by clicking the link above. I’ve already applied!

Jessica Cicalese Kurtz  is a veteran middle school engineering and science teacher at Toms River Schools. She has experience as a curriculum developer, teacher trainer, and is a regular contributing writer of  NJ-teachers.com.

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