6 Great Hanukkah Crafts For Your Class

The Hanukkah holiday is already in full swing, but since it’s 8 days, you have plenty of time to bust out some craftin’ with your kids! It’s important to make your students aware that not everyone celebrates Christmas, and you can follow up that information with a cool craft to ring in the holiday! Below are some helpful links to get the gears turning!

Hanukkah Hands

This one is pretty simple, but it showcases the most popular Hanukkah decoration and it’s fun to do, especially with the young ones! Just make sure you stock up on blue paint and glitter! Bring a vacuum for those little sparkles; you may need it!

Colorful Craft

This dreidel “decoration” is super fun to make and extremely colorful! You’ll have young Picassos eager to paint the infamous spinning top made popular by Hanukkah. If watercolors seem a little too much for your class, go simpler with colored pencils, markers, or even tissue paper!

Menorah Maker

You might get annoyed about how many menorahs are shared here, but hey, at least this way, you have options! Start saving up those paper towel rolls, because you’ll need them for this craft! You’ll also need to hang onto a few paper towels rolls, and buy stock in blue paint. Yeah, no matter what Hanukkah craft you partake in, you will probably need blue paint. In any case, scroll down to the bottom of the link above to get a good look at this craft!

Dreidel Decor

The website linked above features a really awesome dreidel craft that students can work on together! The “string o’ dreidels” will look great hanging around your classroom, or serve as a wonderful boarder for a bulletin board! Kids can be creative when  they take to decorating it, so you don’t have to stick to the outline provided for you! Just have fun when the kids are too!

Tube-u-lar Party Favors

These toilet paper rolls party favors are super colorful, festive, and fun! Student can exchange these with others when they are done partying, and the best part is, they have treats inside them! If you think your students will have trouble parting with the party tubes, then you can use your discretion and have them hang onto them! In either case, this is a cool little craft that serves as a nice little present for themselves or others during this holiday season!


This Star of David ornament requires little effort on your part and that of the students. Not only that, but it serves as a nice little decoration to hang in the classroom or maybe even on a tree! Make sure paint or some sort of coloring materials are provided so that way there’s some allure added to the craft. Before you know it, as soon as the popsicle sticks are placed in front of your students, they will have assembled the craft before your very eyes!


Hope you and your students enjoy the Hanukkah holiday in whatever way you choose to celebrate it. Happy craft making!

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