Thanksgiving is nearly here! While the work week leading up to turkey day is a short one, it still requires two and a half days (or maybe three full, who knows) of planning for your classroom. The best way to fill in the time is with some fun, enjoyable, and educational crafts that the kids will no doubt love to make. Whether it contains food or feathers, there’s plenty of artistic Thanksgiving ideas you can bring into play before gobble gobble day!

Eye on the Pie

While pumpkin pie is still a treat not enjoyed by everyone, it is the most traditional Thanksgiving dessert. Therefore, it needs to be honored, and this Pumpkin Pie Kid Craft will do just the trick! It may be a good idea to cut the paper plates on your own time, just so they are ready to go when you are planning for the kids to do this pie-ce or art!!

Pop Art

Keeping with the food theme, corn is a side dish that finds its way to everything Thanksgiving table. This craft definitely recognizes that, but also adds in a fun element with authentic popcorn! If you’re having a holiday party, this craft is perfect if you are planning on having the snack available anyway!

Cone Craft

There’s a barrage of turkey crafts out there to celebrate the holiday, but it was narrowed down to the least complicated ones for the sake of time and money! The pine cone Turkey craft seems simple enough; you could even have students do a hunt for the “body” of the turkey one day during school hours! If it gets too cold for that, dollar stores and craft stores alike will have a bunch of them for you at the ready. Have fun putting together this adorable little creature that kids will “pine” for!

Bag that Turkey!

The paper bag puppet is a craft that has been around for generations in schools everywhere. It’s simple, it’s fast, and it can also double as a bag to take Thanksgiving snacks home in (if it becomes a thing) post party! In addition, it can also become the protector of any additional small Thanksgiving crafts your students will make (if you do decide to do more than one). For a low key conclusion to the Wednesday before sweatpants day, this is the ultimate craft.


Between food and football, most forget what Thanksgiving is all about. It’s a time for us to remember all the great things in our lives, and this is definitely a project to enhance your students’s thinking. Before you have them commit it all to the final project, though, have them write down ideas about what they are thankful for, so that way they have a little bit of time to really figure out what is most important. Finished products will look great on a bulletin board or hanging around the room.

Whatever craft you take on, wishing you the best of luck and a wonderful holiday. Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy that break! You have earned it!

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