Christmas is nearly here, and with that, your class will be anticipating a long break, presents, and treats! However, before the doors open wide to let school out for the holiday, you’ve got to get through your final week of this year! You may have the students watch movie, give gifts, have a party, or participate in other low key events. However, if you want to keep them busy, then it’s definitely prime time for some arts and crafts.

In the possible insanity you may face up to the Thursday or Friday before the break, keep in mind that there is plenty of Christmas crafts at your beck and call all over the internet. In the meantime, here’s a compiled list of some good ones to get you thinking about your week ahead.

Santa’s Pepperminty Pal

Candy canes are infamous for being given out around this time of year, and it’s no doubt that your students will either bring some in or walk out with some as the week concludes. This festive little candy cane craft doesn’t require much on your part; just make sure you have enough googly eyes to go around in case some start getting lost!


Rocking Paper Plate Christmas Tree

This paper plate tree is a really festive and fun craft for your students to make for either the classroom or home! Be forewarned-this could turn out to be a two day project, only because the green paint used on the plate needs time to dry before the decorations are placed on it! Also, this can become messy in the process, but hey, just have a good time with it! It’s Christmas, after all!

Snow Snack

Ok, so this craft may look intimidating, but if there is a party happening in your classroom, then this not only serves as a craft, but also a awesome and adorable little party treat! The stacked marshmallow snowmen will be devoured as quickly as they are made (without a doubt), but be aware of specific allergies when the students assemble these. In addition, ask parents for help sending in snacks to form the snowman, as you don’t want to go crazy getting enough for everyone!

Smooth Steppin’ Santa

This craft gives a whole new meaning to the “Boogie Man!” Santa isn’t joining forces with the Halloween crew, he’s just dancing because he’s all done with his 24 hour gig! Your students will have a ball creating this dancing Santa, and he can easily be hung as a decoration along with the rest of his dance crew! Just make sure you have plenty of cotton balls and red markers!

Carol Craft

This “Christmas Caroler” craft is quite adorable, and would be an awesome decoration in any classroom or home. Toilet paper rolls need to be stocked for this one, so start saving! The link states that drying time is necessary, so make sure you take that into account before the young ones start making their little festive friends!

Good luck with whatever crafting adventure you depart on. In addition, have a wonderful holiday and a well-deserved break!

Know any good Christmas crafts? Let us know in the comments!

-Written by Logan J. Fowler

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