8 Great Fall Classroom Door Decorations

The potential for fall inspired door decorations variations is nearly endless. This is such a festive and colorful time of year and the creative things you can do with leaves, scarecrows, and funny looking turkeys are so much fun. Create an eye catching masterpiece on your classroom door with these autumn leaves- and Thanksgiving- inspired decorating ideas.

Fall and Thanksgiving Classroom Door: Look Who’s Hiding in the Leaves

Classroom door that reads "Look who's hiding in the leaves" with students' pictures mixed in with leaves at the bottom

Personalized doors are so much fun for students. If you have pictures of each student that you can print and use, this can be really special for kids of any age. Simply get artificial leaves to attach to your door, and apply the pictures throughout the pile. If you need additional space for the pictures, you can do a second leaf pile beside the door (as pictured above).

Items needed:

  • Blue butcher paper
  • Leaves sign letters
  • Artificial leaves (check out Dollar Tree)
  • Pictures of your students
  • Basket cutout (optional)
  • Lettering for “Look Who’s Hiding In The”

Thankful for Each Other

Classroom door that says "We are thankful for each other" with a tree, red/yellow/orange leaves, clouds in the sky, two bird houses and a couple of birds

Thanksgiving time is obviously a great time to express what you’re thankful for. And gratitude is a great lesson to teach your students. “We are thankful for each other” is a simple concept with a huge impact. This door decoration may look harder to pull off than it actually is. But don’t be fooled: using simple shapes and construction paper, you can easily create this look in very little time.

Items needed:

  • Blue butcher paper
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Orange, yellow, red, green and brown construction paper (leaves & houses)
  • Pink and tan construction paper (birds)

Smartest Pumpkins in the Patch Door

Classroom door that says "Miss Tyler teaches the smartest pumpkins in the patch". At the top are pumpkins with students' names. At the bottom are two pumpkins and a jack-o-lantern

Any door that shows off your students’ names or pictures is a big hit, especially with younger students. You, no doubt, have the smartest pumpkins in the patch and you should happily proclaim it to the school with this adorable door.

Items needed:

  • Black butcher paper
  • Orange butcher paper (pumpkins)
  • Shades of orange construction paper (small pumpkins)
  • White and orange markers or cut out letters
  • Green construction paper (vines)

Thankful Heart Door

Classroom door that says "Enter this room with a thankful heart". There is a turkey with the students' names in hearts on it

This gigantic turkey will make you smile, and has a great caption for this time of year: “Enter this room with a thankful heart.” You can choose to put your students’ names on the smaller hearts on the turkey’s chest or you can have them write things for which they are thankful.

Items needed:

  • Blue butcher paper
  • Brown butcher paper
  • Colored construction paper (hearts, wings, facial features)

Hello Fall Door

Classroom door that says "Hello Fall" with orange/brown/yellow leaves falling and an old brown pickup truck in the middle with orange pumpkins in the bed

There is something so magical about going out and picking pumpkins with your family. This door encapsulates that very feeling with the old pick-up truck, pumpkins, and leaves. While a creative, artsy teacher could make this themselves. This is one that you can throw together if you have all of the pieces ordered and ready to go.

Items needed:

  • Wood accent paper
  • Leaves
  • Pickup truck
  • Pumpkins

Scarecrow Door

Classroom door decorated as a scarecrow with a big hat that has a sunflower on it

Here’s another variation on a scarecrow door. This one is a bit more detailed, but with no background required. The most work you will have to do on this door is to create the hat (which is not overly complicated). If your door isn’t a brown wooden door, then you will want to use brown butcher paper as the background.

Items needed:

  • Red and orange butcher paper (hat)
  • Yellow and brown construction or butcher paper (flower)
  • Yellow pool noodles cut in strips (hair)
  • Black tape (nose and mouth)
  • Black construction paper (eyes)

Pilgrim Door

Classroom door decorated as a girl pilgrim with blonde hair and a hat

Since the pilgrims have a special place in Thanksgiving lore, this is a fun way to bring in some history with an adorable pilgrim boy door. This is so simple to make you might just kick yourself for not thinking of it yourself. Let’s all be thankful for Pinterest!

Items needed:

  • Black butcher paper (clothes and hat)
  • Beige butcher paper (face)
  • Yellow construction paper (buckle and hair)
  • Blue and brown construction paper (hat stripe and buttons)

Have fun creating your fall- or Thanksgiving-themed door for your classroom. Many of these ideas are very easy to pull off if you have the time to do it. If time is a struggle for you, though, consider asking your students for some help with cutting and making the items you’ll need to pull off the look.


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