5 Fun Fall Art Projects for Your Students

Fall is in full swing already, and with the season comes a bit of rain and some brisker weather. Leaves are covering the grounds, and you’ve got a classroom full of children. So how can you make this work for you? By making the best of a cloudy, windy day and by making some fall crafts, of course! You’ve got apples, leaves, pumpkins, and so much more to choose from while making crafts of this nature! Below are some ideas to get you started.

How Do you Like Them Apples?

Red and Green Apple Core Craft made with popsicle sticks and construction paper

Fall is full of flavors, and apple is definitely front and center! The seeded and sweet treat is also ripe for craft making, and the “apple core” popsicle piece is not only a perfect item to make in a possible science lesson, but it also serves as a fantastic classroom decoration! Make sure you have plenty of popsicle sticks on hand for this one; you’re going to need them!

Catch ‘em all

fall leaf suncatcher craft made with pipe cleaners and tissue paper

Suncatchers can take on so many different varities for so many different days and/or events, and the season of fall is definitely included in this grouping. Autumn suncratchers, like the apple core crafts, are a really cool classroom decorations, although kids may have trouble focusing on the lesson when they see the shine of the fall sun coming through their artwork! Make sure to prep the contact paper for the craft beforehand, or if you want the motor skills of your kids to be strengthened, have them cut it out!

A Jar-ring Craft

fall tree mason jar luminaries craft

Before you become overwhelmed looking at the details of this craft, please know that a) you can make it on the cheap and b) think of how long it will last! Mason jars are a very popular piece of glassware, and forming them into beautiful autumn lights will provide your students with wonder and enjoyment! If putting a candle in the jar doesn’t suit you, you can purchase those little switch on/off candle lights for your students to put in them. These jars will be sure to bring smiles to your students’-and their parents’-faces when they present them!

Leaf it to the Kids!

leaf butterfly craft made with googly eyes

There’s a lot of leaf crafts on the website posted above, but the one that needs to be brought up is the Leaf Butterfly. This composite of both leaves and crafts are not only easy, but they totally showcase the season in a new way. Getting the leaves can be done one of two ways; you can either have the students bring in the leaves from home or go on a small field trip around the school yard to find some good ones! Make sure that the ground is dry so the leaves are easier to transport back into school for some old fashioned arts and crafts!

Pumpkin Part-y!

pumpkin craft with word labels made with construction paper and pumpkin seeds

Much like the apple cores mentioned above, the pumpkin parts craft is a scientific style art project that focuses on what makes these fall treats tick. This one also utilizes real pumpkin seeds that drives home the point of how pumpkins come to be! Labeling the favorite fall food can be optional if you choose for it to be, but whatever you do, make sure that glitter doesn’t go everywhere!

Hope this all helps! Good luck with your fall crafts and enjoy the rest of the season!


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