Teachers are stressed out! It’s a concern facing every district. That’s why educational leaders around New Jersey have joined together to announce the first-ever Educator Wellness Week (www.educatorwellnessweek.com), May 21-24.

This free, virtual event is open to individual educators or entire schools or districts, and is designed to be a fun and engaging way to raise awareness about educator wellness through a weeklong series of challenges. Participants will be challenged each day to take a step toward wellness in various categories, ranging from nutrition and exercise to mindfulness and leisure activity.

The event also offers competitions, educational material, and goal planning. Prizes will be offered in various categories, including a $1,500 prize to the top-performing district from Plymouth Rock’s Teachers’ Insurance Plan.


Event organizer, educator and psychologist, Dr. Jared Scherz, has been a long-time advocate of organizational health and wellness for educators both at school and at home. “This program is all about supporting educators by encouraging healthy habits, improving organizational health, and student productivity,” Scherz said. “When schools invest in wellness, educators and students both win.”

The wellness challenges plaguing the teaching profession are at an historic level, and this event is an opportunity for school leaders to come together and point the profession toward potential solutions. According to the Educator Wellness Week website, nearly half a million U.S. teachers leave the profession every year, and 55% of U.S. teachers report that morale is low. Poor retention, low morale, and high levels of stress in the workplace are costly both financially and emotionally. Organizers hope to see NJ lead the way in acknowledging and addressing the problem.

To register your school, district, county, or yourself, please visit https://www.educatorwellnessweek.com/register/. This year’s program will run May 21-25, and is totally free to join, but registration is necessary. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to improve the lives of educators in your district. The event is sponsored by a number of organizations, including the NJASA, Teacher Coach, and Plymouth Rock’s Teachers Insurance Plan of NJ.


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