Get Paid For The Grade: 25 Discounts for Good Students

As a teacher, I know that I work hard to help my students succeed. In fact, sometimes it feels like I earned their grade just as much as they did! If this kind of devotion describes a teacher’s efforts, just imagine the hard work we put into our own children- especially in 2020-2021 when we doubled as both schoolteachers and homeschool parents. We check and double check homework, we participate in their google classrooms, we pop into the online grade books daily- (sometimes hourly!), we call teachers and principals, we help with projects and reports, and push them to do their best. Maybe it’s time that it pays off for teacher/parents and their children/students alike?  After all, we all deserve a reward for our hard work this year, don’t you think?  I did some digging and discovered some rewards offered to hard working students holding great FINAL report cards with grades in the A-B range! Many of these restaurants are part of franchises with local owners (and may, or may not participate), so please call before showing up to collect your report card rewards!  Personally, I keep a copy of my kids’ report cards and just ask when we get to our summer destinations. Some places really surprised me! Grab those excellent report cards and see what your neighborhood has to offer!

  • Applebee’s- A is for Apple program awards A students with a free kids meal.
  • Bank rewards: Not all of these banks are local- but maybe summer trips to Grandparents, or Aunts and Uncles can get you close enough to collect on some of these.
    • Alpine Bank “Pays for A’s” awarding up to $10 for an A (4) and $5 for a B (3) in a drawing twice a year.
    • Americas First Federal Credit Kids First Club account holders can earn bonus deposits of $5 for earning all A’s and B’s each grading term.
    • AOD Bank’s Report Card Reward Program will pay $2 for every A, $1 for every B, and $0.50 for every C into a student’s account EVERY grading period.
    • Cap Com Federal Credit Union  Students can present their end of the year report cards to earn up to $30 with their Great Grades reward program!
    • First Southern National Bank claims “We Pay For A’s” by depositing $1.00 into a student’s savings account for every “A” made on a report card, up to $10 per grading period.
    • Zions Banks delivers for hardworking middle school, junior high, and high school students paying up to $1 per “A” on their end of the year report cards. If they don’t have an account or aren’t a Zions Bank® client, they’ll still be rewarded .50 cents per “A”. They’re also entered for a chance to win scholarship savings accounts (36 awards of $500 each and two $1,000 accounts given each school year).
  • Baskin Robbins– free ice cream cone for a good report card
  • Bob Evans– free kids meal  in their “star student program”
  • Burger King– free hamburger or ice cream cone for scoring 100% on a test (limit one per week)
  • Cheryl’s Cookies– free cookies for A’s on report card (up to 3)
  • Chick-fil-a– free 8-pack of nuggets or free ice cream cone for a good report card
  • Chuck-e-cheese– Kids earn 15 game tokens for their grades (food purchase is required)
  • Cold Stone Creamery– free scoop for a “good” report card
  • Dairy Queen- many give free small ice cream cones for A’s, but check with your local location.
  • IHOP- free kids meal or pancake stack with a good report card.
  • Justice– $5 off your purchase for a good report card that’s been issued within the past 30 days
  • Krispy Kreme– free original glazed doughnut for each A (up to 6!) on your report card!
  • McDonalds- free Happy Meal for k-5th, free Value Meal for 6th-12th with good report card (all A’s)
  • Melting Pot- free 3 course meal  for k-8, free 4 course meal  for 9-12

(One Straight-A Dinner per every 2 four-course dinners ordered)

  • Pizza Hut- free personal pan pizza & small drink with k-8 report card (every marking  period for  3 As)
  • Plymouth Rock: Are your “kids” drivers? Plymouth Rock offers discounts to Good Students in high school, or college students with a 3.0 GPA or higher.
  • Sbarro Pizza – Free slice of pizza and small soda for being a PizzAcheiver (A’s and B’s on report card).
  • Sonic- Parents can request a Positive Behavior Support certificate (free menu item) for achievements such as honor roll, perfect attendance, and birthdays.
  • Wendy’s– free treat with  a report card with As and Bs

Jessica Cicalese-Kurtz, MA, K-12 Teaching and Technology; BA, K-8 Education; BS, Biology, Science and Engineering, is a high school STEAM Bio and AP Research teacher at Toms River High School East. Jess is also the Science Fair Coordinator at Toms River Middle School South. Jess has written curriculum for K-8 Science and High School Biology, as well as designed and implemented workshops for teachers. She is a freelance writer, wife, and budgeting mom of four who loves to travel, enjoy nature, connect with animals, and read.

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