Forget endless internet searches for that perfect lesson plan! Stop being afraid of what advertisement will flash across that YouTube video when you show it to your class. As teachers, we spend hours searching standards, creating activities, scouring media for lesson plan ideas, ready-made puzzles, and online resources. What if all of this could be found in one, FREE, easy to use a resource that is easy to link to your current online classroom?!? Save yourself time, money, with one simple click-

No, this is not a paid advertisement! Welcome to PBS learning media, offering standard-aligned, interactive lesson plans and videos already made for teachers just like you and me!  It doesn’t matter what age or subject you teach, as these lessons are organized and searchable by preschool through high school grade levels and specialized content areas of science, social studies, math, language arts, gym, art, world language, engineering, technology, and even professional development! Don’t just take my word for it! Click on the link and select your grade level, subject, and current standards and watch tailored lessons and videos appear before you.

But please, don’t stop there! The site invites you to log in to gain full access to PBS learning media by clicking on “get more features free”… a simple login (through Google, Facebook, or create a new login with PBS) at NO cost and a new dashboard will open up. Now, you can use this site at a whole new level. Under your dashboard, you can create digital lesson plans, design dynamic storyboard presentations filled with PBS videos and graphics blended with your own investigations, slides, and instructions.

Or you can challenge your students’ comprehension and creativity by assigning them the exciting task of creating their own digital storyboard detailing your latest class adventures! Do you need a quiz, a word search or crossword puzzle? PBS Learning Media has an easy to use puzzle and quiz maker. These can be printed, or they can be assigned online through a code, or, better yet, linked directly to a google classroom (if you have one).

Don’t worry if you are not tech savvy, as  Take it from a busy mom and teacher like me who is trying to regain some of her life at home time, without taking away from the excellence that I want, and bring to my classroom. This is a tool that can bring the BEST to your classroom, without taking a lot of money, effort, or time from you. Want to know what it can do for your classroom? You are going to have to click to find out!


Jessica Cicalese Kurtz  is a veteran middle school engineering and science teacher at Toms River Schools. She has experience as a curriculum developer, teacher trainer, and is a regular contributing writer of'

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