From Simplek12: “Professional Development in Your Pajamas”


Learn the Best Ways to Use Chromebooks in Your Classroom

Deepen your knowledge of how to use Chromebooks in your classroom with this FREE professional development webinar from 10-3:30 p.m. on Saturday, February 11th.

The webinar starts (10-10:30) with an introduction course on how to use Chromebooks in your classroom (incase you’re not even sure where to begin).

From 11-3:30, you will touch on these important topics:

11-11:30 *Google Drive Add-ons and Chrome Extensions that Enhance Productivity

12-12:30 *Formative Tech on Chromebooks: Favorite Tools to Check Understanding

1-1:30 *Screencasting with Chromebooks: Make Thinking Visible

2-2:30 *10 Simple Ways to Inspire Learning with Chromebooks

3-3:30 *Chromebooks: Resources for Working and Learning with Data

Registration is FREE.  Visit the website to register:'

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