“I like to be very interactive with my class. In the beginning of the school year we do something called Jumping Through Time, where they use jump ropes and call out places or historical events that they know. I also do something called the Nile River Cafe, and they get to choose from a menu of activities, from making a pyramid, or hieroglyphics, or studying King Tut.”

“Stephanie, my daughter, has been coming to school with me since she was the age of three for ‘bring your child to work day,’ and I have seen her grow each year how she gets more comfortable interaction with the kids. She would sit at a desk, and follow along with he lesson, or she would color, then as she got a little bit older, she taught a lesson. Last year she taught a lesson that she helped develop.”

“I also am a children’s author, as well. It is called Host a Ghost, and it was inspired by the students at Intermediate East, and Stephanie inspired a key part of the story.”

“Stephanie is very special to my husband Steven and I.  She came to us after about 10 years of trying to have a family. She is our miracle baby. She is a gift from God.  We are so proud of her and blessed by her.  I am a better version of myself because of her and I hope a better teacher because of her.”

“Being a mom, I am very empathetic to students who have lost their parents at a very young age. I had one student who lost her mom when she was six. Another student who lost her mom when she was five, and she would wear her moms boots to school to be closer to her mom. And I empathize with that, because I would be devastated if Stephanie had to go to school knowing she didn’t have me to be there for her. It makes me sad for these kids. ”

To see the book, Host of Ghost, click link here.


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