With spring now in full swing, it’s time to get crafty!

The weather is getting warmer, the school year is winding down, so it’s a good time to break up the curriculum in a soon-to-be boiling classroom with some fun activities that students will love doing and you will have a ball planning! The season of spring lends itself to many projects that you can put into practice, and the internet is a great place to scour for such ideas. However, for quick reference, here’s some crafts to springboard (no pun intended) off of!

Under the Umbrella

We still have plenty of April left to go, and while it’s been a pretty dry month, there’s a good chance that a solid rain will be around the corner. As they say, “April showers bring May flowers,” so its important for your students to have a handy umbrella in such a situation! Well, these aren’t real umbrellas, but you get the idea. In addition, the link above also provides a cloud craft! You can either have students pair up and make one of each, or have every student make both. If the bamboo skewer seems too risky,  you can switch it up with a pipe cleaner.

Flower Power

Speaking of the aformentioned flowers, there’s no way you can go all spring without making a flower craft! If planting an actual flower seems out of sincere possibility (no judgement here), creating an artificial one is an easy way to go. The project linked above goes beyond the bud and stem, even plotting a pott(ing?) at the bottom with a paper cup! This would serve as a great Mother’s Day idea, so keep that in your back pocket for May!

Just Bag It

Spring consists of some windy months, so a kite craft should most likely be on the menu as the weather warms up. The “lunch sack kite” may not be familiar to students who are more versed with the diamond shape toy that takes to the sky, but this version is one of the simpler ones found for less headaches. Decorating the bag can be done with foam shapes, stickers, or any sort of coloring utensils, but the final decision is left up to you.

Getting the Scoop

Ice Cream may be more associated with summer, but there’s certainly some days in spring that calls for a cold one on a cone, especially as the school year concludes. The ice cream cone craft is no doubt going to be a treat for kids to make, and while it is unedible, at least there’s no mess to clean up afterwards! Check out the tutorial in the link above about how to make it, and be sure to stock up on plenty of cotton balls in order for this craft to be carried out!

Chicks and Sticks

Most people associate spring with adorable little animals, such as chicks and/or bunnies. Linked above is a very simple and vibrant chick craft that will be egg-cellent to have students work on a nice Friday afternoon! There’s a lot of parts to this one, so make sure you stock up on plenty of paper and popsicle sticks in order to be ready to make a quick chick!

Enjoy creating these beautiful designs with your class, and Happy Spring!

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