7 Reasons You’ll Love Being Married to a Teacher

So… you’re marrying a teacher? Maybe you’ve started to notice certain indicators that your soon-to-be-spouse works in the field of education? Yes it’s true, you’ll never be able to go anywhere in public without stopping to talk to someone and, most likely, you’ll be asked to save items around the house for random science projects. You may even have to occasionally confiscate the laptop from your spouse’s reluctant hands (oh no!) and be the saving grace we need to say, “Enough is enough.” We never have enough time; but really, who does?

We appreciate you for sticking with us through all of this and for appreciating that even though this is our “work,” it’s what makes our lives full and happy in the end. There are some quirky habits and routines that come with being an educator, but they are going to pay off for you, spouse. How? Well, let me tell you.

Here are the top 7 benefits of marrying a teacher

#7: Bringing joy to your spouse is as easy as collecting basic classroom project items

From water bottles and Popsicle sticks to Sharpie markers and newspapers, teachers are true hoarders – there’s never too much (especially when it’s free!) Take this science teacher, for example. You’d be surprised at all of the materials you never knew I needed for classroom experiments. One person’s trash is truly another teacher’s treasure. Take note of this simple key to our hearts: collect and save the items we seek and you will be deeply cherished.

#6: You’ll find your voice and discover yourself

Your spouse’s way of being and communicating will pay off for you. It could even turn you into an unexpected social butterfly. Teachers talk, all…day…long. So, Shoprite, Target, Applebee’s…you name it: you’ll never leave on time! Teachers tend to know everyone, everywhere: parents, students, coworkers, etc. Educators allow you to speak your mind and encourage you to discuss things – even if you don’t feel like it. So, when you notice that you’re breaking out of your shell and finding conversation from the smallest of thoughts, you may stop to ask yourself, “How did I get like this?” Just take a look at who you’re married to; there’s your answer.

#5: You’ll reap all the benefits of a master planner in your life

A teacher has been taught from Day One to plan for the lesson, over plan for the lesson, have a Plan A-Z if the lesson takes a turn, and to plan for when all else fails. As teachers, we make a million micro-decisions a day and it can be exhausting! Planning is second nature to us and (secretly) some of us derive great pleasure from it…especially when it goes our way! Outside of the classroom: financial planning, party planning, meal planning, you name it – we can handle it. Having someone who is routinely organized will help structure your life in countless ways. So next time when you double book yourself without knowing it, your teacher spouse will remind you, “Honey, that’s great you’re getting a haircut at 9:45, but don’t forget you have the doctor at 9:30.” True story.

#4: You have caught yourself an expert listener

As a teacher, of course we need to listen to our students, whether it is during classroom discussion, or if they simply have a story they’d like to tell. And if you’ve ever spent time in the Teacher’s Lounge…you’ll do a whole lot of listening there! When you come home after a long day, or maybe you just have a funny story you’d like to share, you know that we are always ready to listen to you, no matter the hour. You can count on us to have our ears ready and arms wide open. Portraying exceptional listening skills sounds so “elementary” but it is a gift that not many possess…and for that you will be thankful.

#3: You’ve also acquired your own personal problem solver

Considering all of the situations we encounter each day as a teacher and the millions of decisions we make, it is imperative that we be strong problem solvers. From modifying seating arrangements to repairing glitchy Chromebooks, if there’s a will, there’s a way! Problem solving is wonderful to have in relationships and comes in really handy as a homeowner. If something is broken, you bet I can fix it and sometimes all it takes is a little extra (money-saving) TLC.

#2: Your partner’s access to youth culture will keep you current

So, maybe you don’t have kids of your own yet. Your teacher counterpart has over 100+ a year. They may not be biological, but from one, indirect standpoint, every student is your child from September through June. When it’s your turn to enter the world of parenting, just know the instincts will kick into high gear and you’ll see how much expertise your partner has compiled over the years. Knowledge of all he latest kid trends: we know them. The 1,000 excuses for “forgetting” to do something: we’ve heard them all. The newest song every middle schooler loves? We know every word. There’s no getting past a teacher – we’ve got it all covered!

#1: You’ve chosen someone who is selfless and who will care for you beyond measure

Every morning we wake up, get ourselves prepared for the day, and go off to work to teach our students. We spend a lot of time with our kids, and that is why being a teacher comes with many other jobs: mentor, doctor, parent…the list goes on and on. Your partner chose this job because they wanted to make a difference for the younger generation—no easy task! What your partner endures throughout the day is not what you imagine it to be. Anyone who chooses to put others before themselves is willingly an advocate for those who don’t have one, volunteers to be the voice for those who cannot yet speak up, and provides comfort for those who might need to catch their breath is worth keeping around. Always remember, your partner will do the same for you, no matter the time, place, or situation – we have your back. Teachers love harder than anyone and will push you beyond your limits because we know you are capable, even if you don’t realize it. It’s our job, it’s what we do, and we love it because we love you.

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