What could be better than receiving a delectable Godiva treat every month for 12 months? This exceptional gift is especially for snack lovers (a.k.a. everyone!).

NJ Teachers Lounge is proud to announce their January giveaway…

12 months of chocolate from Godiva!

Enter now and you will receive a unique chocolate gift for 12 months.

Terms and conditions for this giveaway can be found here.

To enter the contest, please click here.

All you need to do is enter below, and you’ll be qualified to win. This contest runs until Friday February 2, 2018!

Here’s a breakdown of what you’ll receive, direct from the Godiva website

Month 1: A canister of our sweet and salty milk chocolate-covered pretzels. Canister holds 1 lb., or about 66 milk chocolate pretzels.

Month 2: Two G by Godiva bars — one milk chocolate balanced by almonds, vanilla, peaches, and apricots; the other dark chocolate crafted from intensely rich Mexican dark chocolate with both herbal and fruity flavors.

Month 3: A “Dark Decadence Truffle Flight.” This is described as a sensory journey that includes their finest dark chocolate truffles with heavenly fillings and unique flavors.

Month 4: Dark chocolate almonds, uncompromisingly delicious, delicately roasted whole almonds enveloped in dark chocolate.

Month 5: One package of milk chocolate truffles featuring creamy milk chocolate ganache individually wrapped in smaller sizes. Also dark chocolate truffles with luscious dark chocolate ganache, individually wrapped for anytime, anywhere enjoyment.

Month 6: Five Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion of Belgium Bars, featuring creamy milk chocolate filled with a sublime caramel filling.

Month 7: A canister of crispy pretzels covered in rich dark chocolate. Canister holds 1 lb., or about 66 milk chocolate pretzels.

Month 8: 20-piece biscuit gift box, filled with crisp, buttery biscuits full of unmistakable Godiva chocolate richness. Flavors include Dark Truffle Heart, Hazelnut Belgique, Chocolate Lune, Petite Mousse, Raspberry Chocolate Premiere, Godiva Signature, and Hazelnut Praliné Chocolate.

Month 9: The “fantastic five.”  Five of Godiva’s favorite chocolate bars, including: smooth and creamy Solid Milk Chocolate Bar, deep and sweet Dark Raspberry Truffle Bar, luscious Solid Dark Chocolate Bar, irresistible Milk Chocolate Almond Bar, and velverty smooth Milk Chocolate Caramel Bar.

Month 10: A package of roasted buttery whole cashews embraced in creamy milk chocolate.

Month 11: ‘Inspired by the finest desserts from around the world.’ This is a Patisserie dessert truffle flight includes flavors such as chocolate eclair and strawberry crème tarte truffle.

Month 12: A set of three bags of Masterpieces dark chocolate ganache hearts, featuring individually wrapped dark chocolate hearts filled with a luxurious, velvety chocolate ganache filling.

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