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Why are we creating teacher blogs?  Simply put, we want to support our educators in their personal lives and in the important work that they do.

It can be argued that teachers are the most important members of our society.  After all, they are playing a major role in developing the future generations which make up our society!  Not only do they provide stability and purpose for our children, but they have the power and influence to motivate students to succeed at life and to be the best they can be.

We know that teachers are PEOPLE and so, in our blogs for teachers, we want to address life topics as well as to help provide conversation that helps to address career challenges.

Blogs about Teacher Relationships

Sometimes, we will address serious issues, like relationships.  Here are some examples of the topics we have covered.  This is by no means an exhaustive list, as we are continuously adding to this list:


About Being Married to a Teacher


Dating Advice for Teachers


Investing in Workplace Friendships

Topics of Interest Specifically for Teachers

On the lighter side, do you know Eddie B? He is a comedian who was a teacher and now uses his experience and understanding of the world of education to do comedy that teachers can especially relate to and enjoy. We had an exclusive interview with Eddie B., to help you “go behind the scenes” and get to know him.

We also highlight teachers who are utilizing their skills in other areas of life, like Hillary Seides, who created the “Teaching without Frills” on youtube.  Which also discuss several channels that are recommended by teachers for teachers.

Related Career Blogs for Teachers

We also cover job-related topics like classroom celebrations.  Check out this blog offering ideas for activities you can do in your classroom for the week of respect . Or crafts and activities for other holiday’s or special events,  like Mothers Day or even March Madness.

We also have several door decoration blogs for different seasons (like Spring) holiday’s (like Valentine’s Day)  and important classroom interests (such as to promote reading) for decorating inspiration.

Because we know that teacher pay teachers is a really useful tool for educators both to use and to make money on the side.  So we have created a super helpful guide to help you get started on TpT. 

Overall, we do our best to bring you the information that matters to make your job and life easier and more enjoyable.

Current Challenges for Teachers

Sometimes, the current climate of the day impacts what we need to address to help teachers navigate what they already may have found challenging. For example, in 2020, educating from in the classroom to primarily (or partially) virtually has been a change that teachers never expected to have to make. We have blogs that address these challenges in several ways. This includes blogs that offer advice about how to motivate students during this time as well as those providing examples of virtual resources and hacks that can help you on this journey (and many other blogs like this).

Overall, we want to create and serve information that is helpful in addressing the whole teacher, both inside the classroom and out. Most of our writers are Teachers themselves and can speak from experience. We hope you find exactly what you are looking for as you explore.



The Teachers Lounge Team