Classroom Door Decoration Ideas For Your Classroom

As a teacher, you do so many things that go beyond classroom instruction. Often that includes decorating your classroom door to set the mood, celebrate a holiday or just let students know what to expect when they walk through the door into your classroom.

A cleverly decorated door can set the stage for how students treat each other, and what they will learn. Essentially, it can give them an idea of how life will be for them while they are inside the four walls of their classroom.

Whether you love to decorate the door of your school room, or find it to be a hassle, we have collected some ideas to help make it easier for you to know how you want to decorate your classroom door for the next occasion.

Valentine’s Day classroom door decorations

3 classroom doors decorated for valentines day

Thanksgiving (Fall) door decorations

Three classroom doors decorated for thanksgiving.

Halloween door decorations

Three classroom doors decorated for Halloween.

Back to School door decoration ideas

5 classroom doors decorated for back to school

Door decorations that promote reading

3 different doors decorated to promote reading

Spring door decorating ideas

4 classroom doors decorated for spring

Holiday and Winter Door Decorating

gingerbread house door decoration idea for winter and holiday door decorating

Autism Awareness Door Decoration Ideas

A classroom door decorated with multi-colored puzzle pieces and says "With all of our differences we make the perfect puzzle". Sign next to door says Ms. Marshall, Fourth Grade, 228