FedEx offers educators 15% OFF nearly all products and services. To obtain a discount, sign up for My Fedex Rewards online. Once you have an account, you will sign up for the teacher discount. FedEx customer service wasn’t clear on what the exclusions are for this discount. However,  with the My FedEx Rewards program you instantly receive 16% off FedEx Express, 8% off FedEx Ground, 10% off FedEx Office, 60% off FedEx Freight, and then the teacher discount is an additional discount for products and services on top of that.

Though this might not help too much on small jobs (like mailing a letter, or photocopying only a few items), this could be very helpful during the holidays when mailing packages to loved ones.

Fedex has announced that they will not be charging a residential surcharge on holiday packages this year, which is an added bonus. You can sign up for the discount through the link below.'

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