April showers bring…potential awesomeness for teachers!

This month The Plymouth Rock Teachers Lounge is presenting a new giveaway – a $200 Teachers Pay Teachers gift card.

What exactly is Teachers Pay Teachers?

Teachers Pay Teachers is the “first and largest open marketplace where educators share, sell, and buy original teaching resources. Gift cards can be used to purchase instructional resources for all aspects of PreK-12 education. Upon request, we can provide a receipt with all the items purchased via gift cards.”

Now about those gift cards…

Teachers Pay Teachers gift cards never expire. The gift card balance remains on the card and is not applied as a credit to your account. Discount codes can’t be applied to gift card purchases, and gift cards can’t be applied to PO purchases.

You’ve earned it. Click here to enter before May 1.

Terms and conditions for this giveaway can be found here.

All you need to do is enter below, and you’ll be qualified to win. This contest runs until May 1, 2018!

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