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  • Family going down log flume with hands up

    7 Family Fun Destinations with Discounts for Teachers

    It’s summer! The time has come (if you’re not working a full time seasonal job) for you to recuperate and get refreshed for the next school year. It’s also time for some uninterrupted family fun. Finding great family destinations is not a challenge when you live on the east...
  • Boy with man sitting on rocks with virtual reality glasses on

    Show them the World: Top 5 Virtual Field Trips

    Many years ago when I first started teaching The Great Gatsby to my Honors American Literature class in Waukesha, Wisconsin, I quickly ran into an issue. My students, who lived just outside of Milwaukee and many of whom had never even seen the ocean, had trouble connecting with the...
  • Teacher standing with a smile

    Teachers of NJ: A 2nd Grade Dream Come True in Howell

    Jamie Davison, Kindergarten, Land O’ Pines School, Howell I wanted to be a teacher ever since I was little. I would always play school with my little sisters. Then I got to second grade, and I had the most awesome teacher, Mrs. O’Connell, and she really inspired me to...
  • Girl in bed stretching her arms out

    This Teacher’s First Day of Summer Checklist

    All morning alarms are banned! Let the morning light and chirping birds rouse me tomorrow! In all reality, my little ones will try to wake me before dawn, and that’s OK- as long as it’s not a 5:45 buzzer I will be happy! How I missed you, comfy clothes!...
  • three people with binoculars looking at nature

    Get Inspired: Summer PD at Duke Farms

    Cross-curricular and Interdisciplinary PD Cross-curricular and interdisciplinary are big buzzwords in education today. We teachers are looking to incorporate reading, writing, math, science, and social studies into lessons daily. Duke Farms offers professional development to enrich all teachers in the areas of ecology, conservation, and nature to help them...
  • graphic of a rocket ship taking off

    NASA’s Apollo Art Contest Takes Students to the Moon

    This July 20th will mark the 50thanniversary of Neil Armstrong’s historic moon walk and his now famous declaration: “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”Whether we teach science, reading, math, or art- this is a moment that changed education forever. While it may seem that moon landings...
  • Teacher Week at the Beach is back for a Fourth Year!

    Teacher Week at the Beach is back for a Fourth Year!

    Yes, you heard that right: it’s happening again! Teacher Week at the Beach is on the calendar for Wednesday – Friday, July 31 – August 2, at Jenkinson’s Beach and Boardwalk in Point Pleasant Beach, and pre-registration is now open! The three day educator appreciation event, inaugurated in 2016...
  • 10 Teacher Memes for Surviving the Last Month of School

    10 Teacher Memes for Surviving the Last Month of School

    We are soooooo cloooooseto the finish line. The end of school festivities will soon be under way, and if everything goes right you’ll be basking in your new collection of “World’s Greatest Teacher” mugs, Starbucks gift cards, and potted flowers. Hang in there…May is only 31 days; it can’t...
  • The Educator’s Quest for Google Certification: Hangouts, Sites, Forms

    The Educator’s Quest for Google Certification: Hangouts, Sites, Forms

    Hangouts, Sites, Forms We started our journey by examining the overall benefits of acquiring the Google Certification Level I to both you the teacher and the students.  In our first leg of the journey, we discovered the advantageous uses of Gmail, Calendar, and Drive to help with our organization...
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